Tortoise Shell Carrier Cover

green shell/gray fleece liner 


FLEECE LINED. Three seasons, cold climates.

"This go go mama baby carrier cover is fantastic as it has the dual function as a cover for the stroller and car seat as well, making it well worth an investment.  It's lightweight to minimize extra weight. And I was surprised at how soft the fleece is on the inside against the baby.     Andrea"


* Canvas (treated cotton/linen blend) outer. Warm, soft fleece inner.

* Newborn to 24 months.

* Reversible and detachable hood. For forward or outward facing babies.

* Adjustable, comfortable strap.

* Universal baby carrier cover. It works with most baby carriers (Ergo, Baby Bjorn, Snugli, Beco, MeiTei, Wraps, Slings, Back packs and more)

* Cover for infant car seat.

* Stroller Cover.

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